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Deliver best in class projects with integrated tools that enable collaboration, real-time insights, and successful execution.

Obtain at-a-glance insight into your project's health

Project scorecards offer a quick, comprehensive view of project health. From delivery teams to management, everyone in the organization can understand where the project is. Dashboards offer the following views for each project:

 Overall Project Health
Hour and Spend Summaries
Milestone Tracking
Task Status Categorization


Create and share dynamic views of project progress for better team collaboration

BusinessTime allows you to save your most commonly-used milestones as templates, allowing Project Managers to easily create a project plan, track progress, and capture supporting documentation for improved collaboration and project insight.

Project Management Tour - milestones

Capture requirements during discovery and track through fulfillment, delivery and testing

Requirements management is one of the cornerstones of a successful project. BusinessTime gives you the tools to capture requirements from initial discovery all the way through testing and validation, and to manage and identify requirements changes at any point in the project.

Project Management Tour - Requirements Mgmt alt image

Manage your project budget and execution with integrated timekeeping

Integrated timekeeping means you always know the status of your project budget and can effectively manage your resources. BusinessTime makes capturing time quick and easy, improving the accuracy of invoices and streamlining the approval process.

Project Management Tour - Timekeeping

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